Digital curved surface micro-droplet jetting equipment is a general platform for forming 2D graphic, lattice or 3D entities on the substrate based on the principle of droplet jetting. With the implementation of the independent PC + I / O-type multi-axis linkage CNC system, the machine can make the free forming of liquid, colloid, melted substances and other kinds of fluid possible through droplet jetting.
With the advantages of a reasonable design, small size, light weight, wide applicability, etc, the droplet jetting CNC machine can meet the needs of the scientific research and high-end application in the fields of micro-mechanical, electronics, biotechnology, medicine, chemical industry. It can also be widely used in the workplaces of the space of Intelligent Manufacturing Maker, vocational colleges, high-end office building, research institution, laboratory, private workshops, etc. It is a high-precision, cost-effective micro-droplet jetting equipment.



Digital curved surface micro-droplet jetting equipment can be used in the fields of DNA diagnosis, HIV screening, color PLED display, color filter printing,conductor printing, dielectric, electronic packaging,integrated photonic circuit, anti-body detection,micro-droplet assisted laser surgery, microlens, passive device, organic electronic printing and so on.