Product Features

1.Integrally casting machine bed, with great stability, rigidity, and high precision;

2.Pre-tighten, high-precision ball screw and nut applied with flexibility, small thermal deformation and stable precision;

3.Machine guide rail with good rigidity and stabilization;

4.High precision servo-motor applied to each axis, leading to good stability, low speed and high torque;

5.Two cooling systems, spindle cooling system & processing cycle cooling system, to avoid thermal deformation;

6.Open-structure, soft-ware based PC+I/O CNC system that can integrate the functions of software as CAD/CAPP/CAM with each other ;

7.Windows operating interface, commonly used keyboard and mouse, easy to control;

8.High cost performance, low maintenance cost and easy to operate.



HWATEC-5MC850A is a standard industrial grade five-axis linkage vertical type machining center. With the implementation of the open-structure multi-axis linkage (5-axis linkage and more) CNC system from Hwatec with our own intellectual property rights, it can machine many kinds of complex parts of titanium alloys, steel, aluminum, copper, etc.
With its reasonable design, great rigidity, big power mechanical spindle and a tool changer with 24 tools, HWATEC-5MC850A is more suitable for the machining of all sorts of spares with 5-axis linkage work. It will be the main device for the enterprises of manufacturing.


Prototyping Display