Product Features

1.Automatic tooling, improving processing efficiency and accuracy;

2.High-precision, pre-tightened ball screw and nut, applied with high flexibility,small thermal deformation and stable precision;

3.Coolant loop device, improving the processing quality;

4.Mute wire gauge applied, great agility and small inertia;

5.Rotary table with dual direct-drive motor to improve working accuracy;

6.Air-cooled spindle to avoid the thermal deformation caused by processing;

7.Casting bed, high-precision CNC machining with good stability, rigidity and high precision;

8.More than two CPU, general industrial motherboard and parallel processing technology to form open structure, soft-ware based PC+I/O CNC system, leading to an perfect integration with software as CAD/CAPP/CAM;

9.CNC Windows operating system, general keyboard and mouse control;

10.High cost performance, low maintenance costs and simple operation; Easy maintenance, economical and timely.


5M200 is a desktop five-axis linkage CNC machine. With the implementation of the open-structure PC+I/O type multi-axis linkage (5-axis linkage and more) CNC system from Hwatec with our own intellectual property rights, it is mainly used for the machining of many kinds of small and complex parts and can be applied to the machining of various materials, as jade stone, engineering plastic, graphite, wood, nonferrous metals, etc. A tool changer is equipped to achieve the function and performance of 5- axis linkage CNC machining center.
Compared with HWATEC-5M160, 5M200 has the advantages of larger size machining, higher precision, better rigidity and integrated operation. It also has the advantages of a single set-up, arbitrary surface processing, and compound machining technology and so on, it can significantly improve processing quality and efficiency . The machine has the characteristics of low noise, energy consumption and emission due to its advanced technological level and design concept of innovative, green, environmental protecting and energy saving. It can meet the needs of personalized manufacturing, and can ensure the consistency of mass production, shorten the processing cycle and reduce processing costs. Furthermore, it can be applied to different industries of manufacturing, and can also be widely used in the workplaces of the space of Intelligent Manufacturing Maker, vocational colleges, high-end office building, research institution, laboratory, private workshops, etc. It is a high-precision, cost-effective desktop five-axis linkage CNC machining equipment.


Prototyping Display


HWATEC-5M200 is suitable for the space of Intelligent Manufacturing Maker, Institute of intelligent manufacturing engineers and Innovation center of intelligent manufacturing. Efforts are made to promote the organic integration of industrial innovative design with advanced manufacturing, to lay a good foundation for service-oriented manufacturing in the sense of equipment and technology.