Shaanxi Hwatec technology co. ltd, Ningbo branch office was founded in Jun,2015, located in Room 1203, 12th Floor, New World International Business Building(Municipal Administration, Science &technology Centre), High-Tech Park, Ningbo City. It has a gust room, processing& products display room, negotiating room and general office. Ningbo office is responsible for the marketing and promotion of the micro five-axis CNC machine tools in Zhejiang province and Ningbo area. With the supervision and support of manager Shi and Chief Director Lu, we are aiming at the industries like small mold manufacturing, vocational college CNC system training, plastic products manufacturing, graphite electrode production, motor car parts processing, jewelry and jade processing, etc. Now we do have some achievements ,that is some companies related to graphite electrodes, motor parts, cell phone parts have strong intense to work with us. (the self-developed Hwatec XK716 5MC has been working perfectly over 5 years in some foreign companies in Ningbo).
Ningbo branch joined the “Ningbo mould, machine tool industry committee” in 2015, participated in the industrial activities, and also published two articles about micro five-axis CNC machine tool, namely Micro five-axis CNC machine tool and The application of Hwatec micro five-axis linkage CNC machine tool, in which the five-axis CNC machine tool from Hwatec with its advantages on open, software-based, and application area from different angles was introduced.
With the support of the headquarter, we are going to promote our sales service to pursue a larger market share for our micro five-axis CNC machine tools.


Room 1203, 12th Floor, New World International Business Building,High-Tech Park, Ningbo City