Product Features

1.Open-structure, soft-ware based PC+I/O CNC system that can include the functions of software as CAD/CAPP/CAM;

2.Windows operating interface, simple user interface, easy to control;

3.Processing dynamic simulation;

4.Newly-designed machine with great rigidity and stability;

5.Cradle-type structure of dual-axis rotary table, with good rigidity and wide processing range;

6.High-precision dual-axis direct-drive CNC rotary table, suitable for five-axis CNC machining with swivel range from -10 ° to 110 °;

7.High-performance motor spindle with the highest speed of 18000rpm;

8.Fully enclosed 4 tools straight-row type tool changer, improving processing efficiency.



HWATEC-5MC300 is a small-sized high-precision five-axis linkage CNC machine tool. With the implementation of the open-structure multi-axis linkage(5 axis and more) CNC system from Hwatec with our own intellectual property rights, it can machine many kinds of small and complex spares of metal, jades, engineering plastic, graphite, etc. Mute wire gauge, linear driving, grating ruler feedback system, direct-drive motor being applied, HWATEC-5MC300 is of high reliability and precision. With the characteristics of reasonable design, compact structure, large-size parts processing, the machine, a tool changer equipped, is suitable for trial production prototyping and batch production of precision parts.