With the sixth multi-axes linkage PC + I/O software-based open CNC system of its own development and research, Hwatec has created a series products of "shape in left and color in right", as five-axis linkage CNC machining and digital curved surface micro-droplet jetting equipment, with which the high efficiency, high speed and high precision machining of complex work piece as well as the full-color curved surface inkjet printing on it could be realized. At the same time,the digital curved surface micro-droplet jetting technology can be further extended to electronics, special-shaped circuit, micro mechanical processing, biological spotting, gene testing, minimally invasive operation, printing, textile and other fields. With this equipment, all the micro-droplet jetting job on surfaces of complex work piece of special material can be done. The manufacturing process and efficiency will be effectively improved as well.


High-end open-structure, software-based, PC multi-axis linkage CNC system and 5-axis linkage CNC machine tools series

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New product design service provided by our professional design team and their counterparts.

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High-standard customization, and product reformation service for all kinds of processing and automation equipments


Prototyping and small scale trial production is provided according to customer need.

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Providing all kinds of high-end CNC machining services that include technical consultant, equipment maintenance, CNC programming, processing, technical support, etc.

Technical Service

All services related to high-grade CNC machining are provided, including technical consultant, equipment maintenance, CNC programming, processing, technical support, etc.

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Hwatec Multi-axis Linkage CNC Machines;Full Color Curved Surface Ink-jet Printer;Digital Curved Surface Micro-droplet Jetting Device Processing Material.

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